July 20, 2018
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The Village Shop

Telephone : 01398 371531

Stocking : Vegetables and locally sourced eggs, Meat and dairy produce including local trout terrine, bacon, sausages and beefburgers, Newspapers and magazines, Brompton Regis honey...and much more!

Open 9am - 1pm Monday - Saturday

Latest News

A call to all photographers; we already have a reasonable number of pictures for the Brompton Regis 2019 Calendar - but from a small group of people.
It would be good to get a wider range of contributors. So, get out your camera or smart phone and start shooting! Or, select from the local photographs you already have. Su Elsden is the contact (01398 371473; su@elsden.me.uk).
A reminder that there is a BR Show box in the shop for entry forms and sponsorship donations.
Forgotten to buy a card? We keep a stock of greetings cards in the shop. Pick up a box of chocolates while you’re here too!

The Annual Members Meeting (‘AGM’) of the BRVS Society was held on 25th April in the Village Hall. Click on the Annual Member's Meeting to download the minutes of the meeting.

We all thank you, our customers, for your support and trust that together we can keep our community shop in robust health.

Brompton Regis Village Shop


Our Manager - Trish

A reminder that fresh vegetables and fruit may be ordered in the shop for next day delivery. Also, if you have any spare bedding plants or other surplus garden stock, Trish will be delighted to take them off your hands for sale in the shop.

A final request: please let Trish or one of the volunteers know if there are any other products or brands you would like the shop to stock, and we’ll try to oblige.

Phil Barnard.

Shop Gallery

Some of the Shop Volunteers - 2018