November 18, 2018
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2018 BR Show

 Stuart presents the newly introduced Mary Stacey Shield to the Best Country Dog winner

65th Brompton Regis Show and Gymkhana


Show Secretary’s Report  – What a Corker!

Thank goodness the weather was kind to us this year enabling all events to go ahead, particularly having been hampered by the weather for the past two years.

We had an excellent turnout of visitors to enjoy the show – and again, Sylvia’s superb catering team ably supported by Andrew and Shirley’s skills at the BBQ ensured everyone had something delicious to drink and devour throughout the day.

The Somerset Red Arrows Majorettes entertained us with music and dance after lunch, and it was great to see so many families obviously enjoying themselves. Paul Haslem sporting his pink spotty pinny demonstrated how to ice a cake professionally, Becky Nelder ensured that lots of children proudly strutted around with wonderfully painted faces (having bounced around on the bouncy castle), and Babs Page’s info tent gave lots of useful background to our numerous clubs and societies. The bric-a-brac, book, bottle, WI produce and plant stalls were full of good things. The Auction of Pledges had some great offers and Sherry Wade’s hard work in running the raffle, tombola and golden bucket are sure to have contributed substantially to the show’s income.

There was an excellent line up of vintage tractors, and the coconut shy and slack line provided lots of entertainment!

The Gundog Scurry, so ably run by Charlie and Ros Dawson was an unprecedented success, with 97 entries – compared to last year’s 7! Much of this was down to the enthusiasm of the organisers along with the huge benefit of being able to run it in the adjacent field.

The exhibits tent was brimming with some fantastic floral arrangements and flowers to make those of us struggling with blackspot and aphids, green with envy. The cookery show was yet again very well supported with some very tempting exhibits and the handicraft tent showed what local talent we have! The egg show was again a cracking example of what our feathered friends can produce, and the veg exhibits this year were positively gleaming on their new black table cloths, looking so professional! The childrens’ classes were all well supported which is always good to see, boding well for the future of the show.

Yet again, the dog show was full to brimming with lots of friendly, tail wagging entries, run so smoothly by our resident dog show experts – Rev Paul and Dr Wendy Kingdom with their friendly and very proficient judge Mrs Rosemary Baron.

It was great to see the horse show so well supported and so ably run by Caroline Sullens and her hard working team of judges, stewards and helpers. Notable winners were Nicola Moon on Vixen, scooping up wins in three of the jumping classes and taking home three trophies and the gymkhana classes provided lots of thrills and thankfully very few spills! The showing classes were mostly well supported, with our Brompton Regis bred Exmoor pony Kingsby Fennel and Tamsin Hannah winning two of her classes and Sarah Louise Coates on Toffee going home with a clutch of trophies and rosettes too.

Our newly surfaced entrance proved a real boon ensuring everyone coming into the field was not caked in mud before their day started, and no horseboxes or trailers needed a tow.

A huge thank you goes to everyone who put SO much effort into making it such a good show – before, during and after the day, sadly far too many to mention here, to our numerous sponsors and supporters and to the Courage family for their incredible generosity in allowing us to use their fields, and the Knight family in providing their field for our car park. Without you all, we would have no show.

The committee will see provisional accounts at the 6th September meeting, and then all village organisations will be invited to bid for funds ahead of the AGM on November 21st to which you are all invited.

Su Elsden – Show Secretary


Show Treasurer’s Report and the Grant Awarding Process

It was great to have a complete Show again after the 2016 and 2017 struggles with the weather. As ever, a lot of people worked very hard to set up the event and make the day a success, to provide fun and generate funds for the community. The financial outcome was a net surplus of £5034 – not quite up to the 2015 record of £5436 but not a mile short of it.

With some funds unspent from last year, we have the potential to offer up to £6000 (a record, I believe) in the form of grants to organisations within the parish of Brompton Regis with Withiel Florey. Grants must be requested for a specific purpose with preference traditionally given to new projects and equipment, but in recent years funds have also been given to help with running costs. Carefully costed applications for consideration at the AGM should reach me by November 7th at the latest, in the form of email attachments for easy onward transmission to the committee before that meeting.

At the AGM on November 21st (Village Hall at 7.30pm), all Show helpers and other members of the community are welcome to attend for the discussion of this year’s event and plans for the future, and can ask questions and offer views on the grant applications, though only committee members take part in the final vote on distribution of funds.It is important that all groups submitting a bid have a representative at the meeting.

At the AGM, I will be standing down after nine years as Treasurer, working with three Secretaries (and indeed no Secretary in 2017) over that time. It’s been a rewarding job, if pretty intense on Show Day! I love the fact that we have maintained the Show successfully as a traditional country event with no trade stands, and above all I’ve enjoyed writing lots of cheques to support the activity of all our local organisations.

Bill Rees – Show Treasurer



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1955 Carthorse Racing
1966 Gymkhana
1983 Dog Show
1987 John Vellacott’s Pig for Auction







1998 Sheep Show
2000 Betty and Bob
2011 Steve presenting Mollie Leadbeater Plate
2013 60th Anniversary Celebrations