April 25, 2018
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2018 BR Show

65th Brompton Regis Show and Gymkhana

Sit’ and ‘Catch’ Brompton Regis Show & Gymkhana – 18th August
This will year will be the 65th Annual Brompton Regis Show and Gymkhana – an amazing feat in itself, and something that we should all be proud of. The Show continues to be run entirely by the community with the purpose of raising funds for local charities and good causes – and of course – to provide a great day out for all the family.
As well as all the other many attractions, last year’s Dog Show was a fantastic, roaring (barking?) success – with a wide range of both pedigree and fun classes for the spectator and participant to enjoy.
It’s still early days for the classes to be finalised, but it may well be worth getting some practise in for two possible events: the Quickest Sit and the Best Sausage Catcher. A good way to prepare your dog for these testing competitions, (and it’s never too early to start the training regime) would be to demonstrate to your ‘best friend’, how these activities should be carried out. The Quickest Sit is easily demonstrated with a chair, (for yourself, not the dog). No fast Zumba moves with potential claims of risk to life and limb. Sharp commands and clear demonstrations of what is required are bound to yield good results.
And for the Best Sausage Catcher – it’s worth reminding potential entrants of the excellent range of sausages sold at our Village Shop. When practising this activity, please cook the sausages first (so you can test for yourselves their superior quality), cool them sufficiently, and employ an underarm swing technique making sure the dog is not too close to nip it out of your hand before it’s launched into the stratosphere. Try to resist ‘fetch’ or ‘catch’. That is SO last year.
Another health and safety warning – cooked sausages landing on the floor (your dog needs serious training if he didn’t catch it before it hit the deck) can put owners at risk with slips, trips and falls. So do please take care.
Enjoy the training. It’s not the winning but the taking part that matters!
Lastly, if you are new to the show and would like to offer your help either before or on the day, do please get in touch.
Su Elsden, Show Secretary – su@elsden.me.uk – 01398 371473



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