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Parish Council

Parish Council Members

Sue Newton – Chairman

Tel: 01398 371234

e-mail: suedowndytch@btinternet.com


Steve Coates

Tel: 01398 371439

e-mail: stevencoates@live.co.uk

Jill Scott

Tel: 01398 371236

e-mail: ruggsfarm@yahoo.co.uk

Toni Jones

Tel: 01398 323565

Mrs. Sarah Buchanan - Parish Clerk

(to whom Parish Council correspondence should usually be addressed)

3 Sminhays Cottages, Brendon Hill, Watchet TA23 0LG

Tel: 01984 641706

e-mail: brpcclerk@gmail.com

Peter Page - Vice Chairman

Tel: 01398 371454

e-mail: peter.page@hotmail.co.uk

Jeremy Andrews

Tel: 01398 371483

e-mail: angela@woolcottsfarm.eclipse.co.uk


Iain Abel

Tel: 01398 371203

e-mail: abelsatno5@aol.com

Keith Turner - District Councillor

e-mail: kturner@westsomerset.gov.uk

Frances Nicholson – County Councillor

e-mail: fmnicholson@somerset.gov.uk

The following statements are available for public awareness.

Click on the following links to download and view.

Statement of Accounts 2016-17 Governance Statement 2016-17 Agendas and Agreed Minutes of Previous Parish Council Meetings Notice for the Exercise of Public Rights 2016-17 Agenda for November 1st Parish Council Meeting Local Audit and Accountability Act (2014) Declaration of Status of Public Accounts 2017 BRPC Financial Standing Orders 2017 BPRC Budget Statement 2016-17 Internal Audit Report 2016-17 BRPC Standing Orders 2017 Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016-17 Items of Expenditure Above £100  2017-18