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Brompton Regis Village Shop

The 2018 Calendars arrived earlier than promised and on budget. The feedback has been highly positive. Congratulations to Su Elsden for managing the project so successfully.

Well over half of the 150 copies were pre-ordered and most of these have already been collected from the shop. Further copies were sold at the Brompton Regis Show but the remaining ones are now for sale in the shop. So, if you forgot to order or want to buy more the opportunity is there.

Christmas cards and ‘blank’ cards using some of the same photographs are also available for purchase.

Delighted to say that the shop grocery hamper played its part in the BR Show Raffle.

As ever, we invite our customers (and welcome new ones) to keep frequenting our community shop both to enjoy all the benefits it provides and to ensure its new-found good financial health continues.

Phil Barnard (Chairman/Secretary) for Shop Committee: Chris Pollard (Treasurer); Molly Routledge; Jenny Phillips; Su Elsden.

Phil Barnard

A very good range of essential products. Now stocking Brompton Regis honey

  Vegetables and locally sourced eggs  

  Meat and dairy produce

including local trout terrine, bacon, sausages and beefburgers

  Newspapers and magazines  

Trish - Our Manager   x