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64th Brompton Regis Show and Gymkhana

The Brompton Regis Show - Not a Washout !

Well, we had a Show on the field, though sadly once again without horses. Unlike 2016 when the long-range weather forecast was absolutely accurate and the early decision to condense into the village hall was clearly the right one, this year the changing weather kept us guessing and increasingly frustrated through the days up to the Show.

A great deal of unpredicted rain in the last 48 hours of preparation made the surface of the field impossible for horse boxes, and with great reluctance a decision to cancel the horse show and gymkhana had to be made on the morning of the Show. We are grateful for the understanding shown by the equestrian community, and we will all spend the next year hoping for a complete Show in 2018.

Everything else went ahead, and as the weather improved through the day there was a good turnout, with a particularly strong dog show entry field. The atmosphere was great and plenty of money was spent on the stalls, in the refreshment tent, and on the raffles and auctions. The accounting process has barely begun at the point of writing this piece to meet the September magazine deadline, but the outcome should be reasonably good if perhaps not up to 2014 and 2015 levels. The committee will see provisional accounts on September 12th, and then all village organisations will be invited in the usual way to bid for funds ahead of the AGM in November.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who worked with great commitment to enable the Show to take place, and we continue to hope that a new co-ordinating Secretary for the event will emerge by the time of the AGM.

Steven Coates (Chairman) and Bill Rees (Treasurer)

Brompton Regis Show and Gymkhana 2017