May 8, 2021

The Village Shop

Telephone: 01398 371531


Stocking: vegetables and locally sourced eggs, meat and dairy produce including local trout terrine, bacon, sausages and beefburgers, newspapers and magazines, Brompton Regis honey...and much more!

Open 9am - 1pm Monday - Saturday

Latest News

Maria Lloyd is the Shop Manager

Message from Maria at the Village Shop:

First and foremost, we are here to help provide you with our continued service. We understand how many people are relying upon us and we take that very seriously.

In light of the most recent government advice, we will now be implementing the following measures for the safety of our customers, staff and families. Our aim is to reduce the risk to everyone while continuing to provide a vital service to the village.

     a) A maximum or two customers will be allowed in the shop at any one time.

     b) Every customer must keep two metres away from customers and staff.

     c) Give consideration to other customers and complete your shopping as swiftly as possible.

     d) When paying, please stand well away from the counter and, if possible, use contactless card payments.

     e) If you or any of your household are unwell, please DO NOT come into the shop.

We are very happy to take your order and payment over the telephone on 01398 371531. You can then either drive by and collect your shopping or we can arrange for it to be delivered to your doorstep. The same offer is available to those who are self-isolating/social distancing.

Many thanks to our wonderful customers who always show us support, patience and understanding. We hope that these measures will ease a little worry as we venture forward in the weeks ahead.

Some of the new lines now in .....

     a) Cooked roast beef and Devon gammon

     b) Black pudding and white pudding

     c) Pates

     d) A large selection of cheeses

     e) Cooked and ready to eat kippers and mackerel

     f) Bakery items now delivered 6 days a week

     g) A selection of individual and boxed cakes

     h) Wessex Mill Granola and Muesli

     i) A large selection of greeting cards

For all the bread makers in and around Brompton Regis, we now also have Wessex Mill strong white bread flour back in stock.

Please don't assume that you will pay way over the odds just because we don't have Tesco or Aldi written above the door! Please pay us a visit, you may be pleasantly surprised. We rely on your support and any profit we make will be reinvested into the shop and village.

Your shop needs you.

Update from the Shop Committee Chairman

At this difficult time, we are pleased that your village shop is keeping going and continuing to provide a range of products and services for our community.

Most counter volunteers are in vulnerable categories and unable to serve in the shop at present. Many have, however, managed to refocus their efforts into making home deliveries, cleaning the shop out-of-hours and other tasks that can be done alone.

We are also most grateful to those who are still able to serve customers: Chris, Glenn, Nick plus Amelia (no school!) and Tom & Annabelle while they are in the village. The other person behind the counter is, of course, Maria.

With supply difficulties adding to the volunteer issues, it is Maria who holds it all together. Rescheduling rotas, coping with incomplete or delayed supplier consignments and arranging customer deliveries all add to the stress of the times. We are most indebted to her and Martin. Maria’s detailed review of current operations will be found elsewhere in this issue of the Brendon Beacon.
More positively, one effect of the movement restrictions is that people are buying more locally (and our enhanced product range has helped too!). Sales have hit record levels in recent weeks, and we hope this may continue when the lockdown is eased.

There are two other pieces of good news. Firstly, the Parish Council has kindly donated £500 to help defray some of the additional running costs we are incurring at present. Secondly, with the generous help of Keith Routledge (who moved away in 2018), the shop page on the village website has been updated. Our grateful thanks to both.

We usually hold the Shop Society’s Annual Members Meeting (‘AGM’) in May. Depending on how the Covid-19 situation develops, this will now either be postponed until the Autumn or cancelled. If the latter, the Chairman’s and Treasurer’s Reports will be sent to members/shareholders and also made available in the shop.

Thank you for your support. We hope your local shop is helping you through this awful period. Please remember, you can phone (01398 371531) or email ( your orders for delivery or collection.

Phil Barnard (Chairman, Shop Committee)

Brompton Regis Village Shop

The shop was set up in July 2008, initially in the skittle alley of ‘The George Inn’. In 2012, it moved to another ‘sporting’ venue, taking over the Men’s Club snooker room in the village hall. With the benefit of Lottery funding and other grants, the shop took on the format we see today. None of this would have been possible without the tremendous efforts of our respective Shop Managers, Volunteers, Shop Committee and, of course, our Customers. New Volunteers are always welcome; please contact Maria Lloyd, who became Manager on 1st March, if you would like to give it a go.

Maria and her husband, Martin, successfully ran their own village shop in Devon before moving to Brompton Regis last year and becoming volunteers. With Maria as manager, Martin continues as a ‘specialist’ volunteer, focussing on technical issues. Their retail experience has already brought improved stock control and wider product ranges to the shop with more initiatives in the pipeline.

Also, if you are not yet a member/shareholder of the BR Village Shop Society (which now has more than 130 members) we would love you to join us. There is a one-off payment of £10; please pick up an application form from the shop. This support is not only valuable in itself but also indicates a level of local commitment that helps us gain grant funding. This is required from time to time as, although the shop manages to run at about break-even financially, it does not generate a surplus for maintenance, repairs or replacements.

Please note: The 2019 Annual Members Meeting (‘AGM’) of the Village Shop Society was held on Wednesday 15th May in the Village Hall.

Click on the Annual Member's Meeting to download the meeting minutes.


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