February 19, 2020

Winter Gritting Plans & Preparation


Somerset County Council’s (SCC) winter gritting routes for 2019-20 have been agreed. These are as they were in 2018-19.

An interactive map is available here

The route through our parish runs from Beech Tree Cross to Mill Cross. SCC have stated that if car or other vehicles parked on the route impede the gritting lorry it will simply not grit the road.
As winter draws in, please park with care and attention and keep the route clear.

The gritting lorry is BIG! SCC will no longer provide small bags of salt and grit (you will recall these in recent years, placed at strategic points across the parish). Instead, SCC will refill empty salt bins. Because of this the Parish Council has provided a number of new grit and salt bins around the parish.

SCC also intends to provide large dumpy bags of salt and grit in strategic positions across the parish – as before.

The salt and grit provided by SCC is intended to assist traffic and travellers on routes where the gritting lorries do not go. Please use it wisely.

If you find a bin empty, or low on supplies, please contact the Parish Clerk on brpcclerk@gmail.com or by ‘phone at 01984 641 706

Brompton Regis Parish Council, November 2019