March 4, 2024

Brompton Regis Show 2021

The (Brompton Regis) Show must go on . . . !
The delayed 2020 Brompton Regis Show AGM was held via zoom on June 10th, when we reiterated our sadness at the inevitable cancellation of the 2021 Show, but with a firm resolve that an ‘event’ should still be held. The Show committee is very keen to ensure that the principle of holding an annual Show is not forgotten.
Whilst inevitably Covid scuppered our plans for 2021, we are confident that the recent influx of new residents to Brompton Regis will bring a reinvigorated determination to get the Show back on the road for 2022 and enable us to fulfill the aims of the Show – to provide fun for the wider community and generate funds for much needed local good causes.
Brompton Regis Show Committee.
A very warm welcome to new volunteers on the Show Committee:
 Organising Secretary: Tash Cowley
Treasurer: Mark Cowley.
With thanks to Su Elsden and Huw Williams for their handover.


Historical Photos

1955 Carthorse Racing
1966 Gymkhana
1983 Dog Show
1987 John Vellacott’s Pig for Auction
1998 Sheep Show
2000 Betty and Bob
2011 Steve presenting Mollie Leadbeater Plate
2013 60th Anniversary Celebrations