March 28, 2023

Boosting mobile phone signals – more action!

In addition to the reception offered through the antennae installed on St Mary’s Church tower in Brompton Regis, a new scheme is available to boost mobile phone signals across the parish and out of reach of the tower.

A scheme to improve mobile phone coverage in rural parts of Devon and Somerset

The Connecting Devon and Somerset Mobile Boost Scheme has been designed to help small businesses and households who currently have poor indoor mobile coverage.

The programme, which is being funded through the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership’s (HotSWLEP) Growth Deal, aims to upgrade indoor 4G coverage within businesses and homes in order to improve connectivity and the ability to make voice calls. The programme will focus on small business connections and will target those premises which have no adequate 4G indoor coverage from any operator or only one operator.

The programme allows businesses and households to apply for a voucher of up to £1200 towards the cost of one of a number of mobile signal booster options from a registered scheme supplier. The value of the voucher will be dependent on the type of technology most suitable for the premises in question.  Businesses and residents will be required to make a contribution which, depending on the option chosen, will range from £200 for installation to a monthly fee for a SIM card (averaging circa £30 per month).  Your supplier will be able to advise on the most appropriate option.

Businesses and residents in Somerset, Devon, Torbay and Plymouth can apply for the scheme. They will need to complete the form below self-certifying that they cannot receive an adequate indoor 4G mobile signal. Upon application, a voucher code will be emailed to the applicant which can be used with one of the registered scheme suppliers/installers.

It is down to the applicant to research which of the suppliers can install in their area, contacting the supplier directly to redeem the voucher and arrange to have the equipment installed at the premises.

The application form can be found here:

The list of registered suppliers is here: