May 22, 2022

SUPBIKERUN: June 12th around Wimbleball

SUPBIKERUN is running an event at Wimbleball on 12 June. It involves a day of paddleboarding, running and cycling around the lake and cycling in the wider area. This is a family friendly event not a competition and it is hoped local people will join in. The run and cycle routes will use public rights of way and highways, and because there will be more cyclists in our area than usual it is likely to have some impact on daily life, particularly around the main car park at Wimbleball and the access road to it.

The organisers are committed to working with local people to reduce any negative effects, including a team of litter pickers following runners and cyclists.  It is anticipated that cyclists will be on roads through Upton, along Ruggs Hill and to the Lake on Hill Lane  between 0900 and 1200/1300.
To book a place on the event go to :
And should you find no places left – the organisers want to support local participation as far as possible and ask that you contact them at