March 4, 2024


The first thing to do in a situation that may require a defibrillator is dial 999, and ask for ‘ambulance’.

The emergency service will advise on what to do next. It may suggests using a defibrillator and if here is one close by will provide information on where it is and – if required – the code to open the cabinet.

Wherever you are,  defibrillators can be used by anyone and each is supported by detailed instructions that ‘talk you through’ their use.

There are defibrillators in Upton, Skilgate, Brushford, Dulverton and Brompton Regis,

In Brompton Regis parish, the defibrillator is one on the wall at the entrance to Brompton Regis Village Hall (TA22 9NJ). There is no code to open the cabinet.

A small group of people in Brompton Regis have volunteered as ’emergency contacts’ who may be able to bring the defibrillator to you and provide you with help until the emergency service arrives with you.

The number to call to alert volunteers is 01398 505911. This works in a ’round robin’ system – if the first volunteer doesnt answer, the call goes on to the next one.

To join the local volunteers who support this service, or find out more about the defibrillator, please contact the Parish Clerk at:  or by phone on 01984 641 706.