Brompton Regis Show 2017

64th Brompton Regis Show and Gymkhana

Brompton Regis Show and Gymkhana AGM Summary

The AGM, held on November 23rd, was well attended, and it was great to see a number of relative newcomers to the village there.

The Treasurer (Bill Rees) reported a fantastic result from the 2017 Show with a surplus of £4092, just over £500 short of the record result from 2015. Given the need to cancel the horse show and gymkhana on the morning of the Show following a very inaccurate weather forecast and difficult conditions for setting up, the surplus was extraordinary. It included a record sponsorship figure of just over £2000. The Chairman thanked all who had worked so hard towards this success, and the committee were congratulated by other attendees on keeping the Show going without a Secretary.

After discussion the following grants were awarded by the committee, with all present having a chance to ask questions and comment:

Withiel Florey Church             £700.00  New doors

Brompton Regis Church         £1000.00 Churchyard maintenance

Brompton Regis Village Hall     £700.00  New lighting system

Young Farmers                     £500.00  Drama activities

Brompton Regis Village Shop   £240.00  New equipment

Millennium Green                  £375.00  Mowing costs

Village Lift Scheme                £50.00   New insurance requirements

Appointment of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chair(s)

The following posts were appointed for 2018: Steve Coates – Chair. Su Elsden – Secretary. Bill Rees – Treasurer. David Selley and Ian Nelder – Vice Chair(s)

Show Committee members

The following were confirmed as Show Committee members: Phil Barnard, Jack Buckingham, Ben Cowling, Shirley Julian, Sylvia Luxton, Becky Nelder, Janet Neves, Charlie Phillips, Jenny Phillips, Caroline Sullens, Sherry Wade, Kim Williams, Rev Andrew Thomas, Rev Paul Kingdom, Huw Williams.

I look forward to working with everyone on the 2018 Show.

Su Elsden – Show Secretary

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